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Have you been feeling that your house has suddenly become a burden? Have you been having problems keeping up with mortgage payments, energy bills, and the never ending rise of taxes? Have you just had a divorce recently and has the property been reminding you of nothing but painful memories? Or perhaps, maybe you have been promoted to work in another place or country and which is why you need to sell your property fast? For whatever reason it is that has led you to the only option of selling your property, your days of worry have reached its conclusion for the JDMK Properties LLC is here to help you! You are not alone in these problems and we have helped hundreds of people like you and you could be next.

Our company’s foundation has been built upon relieving homeowners of these burdens and thus we are giving them a way to return to a stress-free enjoyable life.

The financial demand of owning a home in today’s lackluster economy has become too much of a daunting task for many homeowners like you. You know that selling your home is needed for you to avoid destroying your credit score, to make sure you don’t face foreclosure, or completely deplete your retirement or savings fund. You know you need to do this FAST.

We, the staff and management of JDMK, have a knack for finding buyers with unique marketing strategy, unlike anybody else and unlike any other real estate company. We make sure that we can get your house sold or we might even purchase your property ourselves. We are very experienced investors on real estate’s and we can promise you that when we do our jobs, we do our jobs perfectly without fail.

We are the company that cares deeply for our customers to be relieved of such stress. We are a respectful company. We will stop the foreclosure. We stop the short sales. We have investors waiting to buy your distressed properties. We make sure to pay you in cash for your house. We’ll show you how to make more money if your house is paid off or close to it. If you are in need for a regular sale, we will definitely point you to the top realtor in your area. The JDMK Properties is about helping people. Somebody even called us a “Real Estate Solution” for every need!

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About Us

In July of 2008, few of us got together at the dinner table and while enjoying a glass of good red wine we found out that one of our friend’s mother was about to lose her house due to divorce. Her husband left her with the house but even with alimony support and checks from her job it was too much to handle. The house, like every other property required maintenance, taxes were going up and mortgage payments were too high. She started pulling some money from her 401K just to make ends meet. She was on the path to becoming broke and eventually she would face the foreclosure. We got really worried and decided to help her out. Since we were already investing in real estate we knew what we had to do. We bought the house from her and relieve her from all the stress and frustration she has had. She didn’t make much on the sale but her credit was still in good standing and she stopped worrying about high bills. She was still able to buy herself a one bedroom condo where all the maintenance is taken care off and payments are half what she was paying. Now she lives a normal life, stress-free and last we heard she was planning a two-week vacation. That incident made us realize that there are probably more people like her that need help with their real estate needs so we have created JDMK Properties. We are the company that cares.

If you would like to speak to us please call our number at (973) 536-2997 If nobody answers that means we are helping other clients in need but don’t hang up, your phone call is very important to us, just live a message and we will call you back asap.

  • We are a respectful company.
  • We stop the foreclosure. 
  •  We stop short sales.
  • We have investors waiting to buy distressed properties. 
  • We Pay cash for your house.
  • JDMK Properties is about helping people.
  • If you want a regular sale we will point you to the top realtor in your area.
  • We'll show you how to make more money if your house is paid off or close to it.
  • Somebody even called us a "Real Estate Solution" for every need.
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